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Intuitive artist Tuula Partanen

My name is Tuula Partanen and I was born and raised in Northern Finland in 1961. The barren, simple nature has give me the feeling of great depth in life.

I have always had a great interest in paints and previously had to deepen during the 11 years I worked in the paint trade with interior design and color schemes.

I have taken icon painting and shorter painting courses but are largely self-taught. 

In Sweden (which I moved to in 1989) I have experienced and freedom, as well as has been travelling a lot, has contributed to opening up my creativity and been a great inspiration that I think is reflected in the variations when I paint. I work in acrylic, ink and tempera, among other things. Love colors and shapes and alternating different techniques.

After having recieved an intuitive message during a meditation, I started painting in the fall of 2017. The paintings are formed intuitively and without any "plan". This free form style creates many kind of painting styles which appeals to different persons.

 "A free boundlessness in expression allows me to end up in a thoughtless moment. With my art, I want to convey color, form, joy and spiritual freedom"

My power comes from the joy of creating beauty. In a very short time I have produced a lot of artwork and many people experience an energetic connection to them. 

In daily basic I work with Chinese medicine (acupuncture) and Life Alignment (healing and transforming method) and give classes in Qigong. 

My psychic gifts helps me to transform and develop my work and my whole existence.

I am also co-writer to the book "Andarnas Rike" (Kingdom of the Spirits)  from 2012.